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This is the War

This is the end of everything


This is the War

This is the beginning of the end


This is me and you 

Is the escape from the burning Land 


Is the killing of you

And my death in Blood, Dust and Sand


This is the War

Where the Death is your best friend


Where the big man decided

That your survive does´nt make sense


Where the words will be worthless

And no man will understand


That the truth of all lies

That mankind will destroy itself


This is the War

This is me on my knees by your grave


This is the Death

Where I will following you till the end


And the value of life

A bullet, a rifle, your last breath


And Hope is forgotten

The shot goes straight through your head


This is the War

This is you in my arms, falling down


This is the End

This is close to the hate, that I found


This is the last word

That tells me from the dyed bloody dawn


That promised me nothing

The Death is all, that I found

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